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Free for a limited time!


Celebrating a successful year SockPlanet – An Introduction is now free for a limited time. Watch this space for exciting new announcements coming soon, to a planet near you!

SockPlanet is now available!

iOS sock planet app

You can now download the SockPlanet book on the Apple AppStore Click Here to view on p.s. Sock Planet has also gone live on Amazon for all those lucky enough to have a Kindle view it here.

Happy Halloween


Raven from SockPlanet wanted to say “Happy Halloween from everyone at SockPlanet!” We hope you have a spooky time!!! SockPlanet goes on sale on the Apple App Store tomorrow, we can’t wait!

A peek inside the book

The first peek inside the SockPlanet book

Here is the first peek inside the SockPlanet book. Oooooh! A ChuteStation whats that then?

First Printed Copies Have Arrived!

First SockPlanet Read

The first printed copies of SockPlanet – An Introduction have arrived and are looking good! Someone jumped in there quick to be the first to read it.

Front Cover Preview

SockPlanet - An Introduction

Here is a preview of the front cover of the new SockPlanet book.

Hello world!

Welcome to the world of SockPlanet. This is the first update to the website ever! Lots of work is currently being done so check back soon, for news and to have some fun!